Art Auction: in support of Dave Eggers' 826 Valencia NYC

Art Auction: in support of Dave Eggers' 826 Valencia NYC

I have been publishing Dave Eggers since 2000: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius was not only a landmark book publication (putting the memoir written by authors under 75 years old on the map!), but it also kickstarted a long collaboration and friendship.

Not only did I publish all of Dave's books - fiction, non fiction, travel writing, children's books - but also many of the authors he published himself, at his own publishing venture, McSweeney's: Neal Pollack, Sheila Heti, Arthur Bradford, Paul Collins, Lawrence Krauser (Lemon!), Adam Levin, Amy Fusselman, and Best of McSweeney's, Best of The Believer etc.

Dave was in Holland many times, with or without the McSweeney's crowd (performing at Crossing Border in 2000, with Zadie Smith as guest appearance), and most recently, we did a pop up art show with some of his drawings, with all revenues going to charity (

Dave has always been asocially aware author (just read Zeitoun or What is the What), supporting many good causes (Voices of Witness for example) but his favorite project has always been 826 Valencia, a nonprofit organization which offers free creative-writing programs to children. 826 has many branches, not only in the USA but in Europe as well.

What I love most about McSweeney's, besides the humanitarian aspects of most of the projects, is the love for art and design. Every magazine, every book, every object is made with passion and taste, and Dave has been working with some major artists from the beginning, and Marcel Dzama (whose work also appeared on the cover of Amy Fusselman, back in 2001) is one of them. 



Marcel Dzama has been instrumental in curating an online art auction in support of the nonprofit 826NYC: the auction features works from such art-world luminaries as Chris Ofili, Oscar Murillo, Neo Rauch and Raymond Pettibon. Eggers himself donates a gorgeous triptych to the auction. There’s also a piece by the art handler Justin David Anderson, who once helped install one of Dzama’s shows at David Zwirner Gallery (533 West 19th Street), where an exhibition of the works in the auction will be on July 20-31. The auction is now open for bidding online at


(Oscar Murillo)


(Raymond Pettibon)


(Chris Ofili)


(Richard Prince)


(Neo Rauch)


Marcel Dzama met Dave Eggers more than a decade ago, when Dzama wore a handmade bear suit to one of Eggers’ events in Minneapolis and was invited anonymously onstage. After they became friends, Dzama hosted fundraiser puppet shows for 826NYC and donated some of the proceeds from his famous monograph “The Berlin Years,” to the organization. One of Dzama’s own pieces in the auction is a watercolor-and-crayon illustration of masked, dancing figures made with the director Spike Jonze. After all, Dzama explains, supporting 826NYC parallels the “little breaks of inspiration” he received along the way from mentors, and which he’s now passing along: “It’s always beneficial,” he says of the encouragement that can be its own form of collaboration, “to have these voices to give you confidence.”


(Marcel Dzama & Eduardo Sarabia)


The auction works benefitting 826NYC will be on view July 20-31 at David Zwirner Gallery, 533 West 19th Street, Manhattan. The auction will also be open for bidding online at

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