Warren Lewis vs Lil B: The Art of Being Dumb

Warren Lewis vs Lil B: The Art of Being Dumb

 Yesterday I had a drink with my good friend Warren Lewis, formerly known as WorldWarWon. 

He's a highly talented artist, maybe even too talented, for those who can do all sometimes should do less.

We talked about new ways to show art, how to create urgency, how to reach fame and fortune, how to connect with brands, and other entertaining subjects. I think he's got it all to become a really famous and filthy rich artist, and what's even better: he's represented by the missus.

But what Warren really is into, is the way rapper Lil B is handling all the subjects mentioned above. In this excellent piece in The New Yorker, you, dear reader, can read how B turns his whole life into an act:

"Lil B is the strangest rapper alive. He has none of the trappings of mainstream success—no Video Music Awards, no Fallon appearances, no record deal—but he is a celebrity on the Internet, where he has more than a hundred MySpace accounts, four hundred thousand Twitter followers, and sixty million YouTube views. Justin Bieber gleefully transmits Lil B’s memes; Diddy, acting as his hype man at a South by Southwest performance, did Lil B’s signature “cooking dance.” Pitchfork found his most recent album, “I’m Gay,” “especially compelling.” Last year, he released a mixtape with six hundred seventy six tracks, including “Am I Even a Rapper Anymore?,” “Cash in My Tiny Pants,” “I Sex Myself,” and “Sherbert Flerbert.” He is twenty-two years old and claims to have released “over two thousand songs,” which is plausible, depending on what the definition of “song” is."

By making oneself impossible to take seriously, one is taken is seriously.

In order to pretend to be someone else (Lil B claiming to be Ellen DeGeneres) one can be oneself.

By not selling anything, one can sell out. All intriguing thoughts, to be further exploited.

I trust Mr Lewis will do this, thoroughly, and fame and fortune will be his, in the near future.

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