Lunch with Schuyff

Lunch with Schuyff

Today I had lunch with Peter Schuyff (pronounced: Shouf), a great abstract painter and a very talented singer/songwriter

He ordered a bouillabaise and I ate a delicious croque monsieur. So far, so good. We know eachother for a little more than a year now, he sometimes performs at events we host with Lebowski, and we are working together on getting a book out, titled Stories in Red, Yellow, Black & Blue. The book - about art, dope, women and other fields of interest - will be a memoir, or an oral biography, that's not decided yet, and we were arguing a bit about that, a little loud at times, but in the end Peter paid the bill and we left in peace.

Peter was born in Holland, emigrated to Canada as a young boy, and moved to New York in the early eighties, where he quickly became one of the hot 'neo-geo' artists (with the likes of Philip Taaffe, Peter Halley and John Armleder), had his portrait painted by Warhol and exhibited at Pat Hearn, Larry Gagosian and the legendary Leo Castelli.

He had it all in the eighties, a little less so in the nineties, and he's now back in Holland (since six or seven years), painting, making music and getting the book done. I like him, although we can argue like husbands ('Why are you always so defensive!'), but you know what, life's too short and I don't have much talent for masochism.

I love Studs Terkel, master of the oral biography, and author of The Good War, a book that reminds me of De SS'ers, written by Sleutelaar & Armando in the sixties, in which eight Dutch people who joined the nazis speak out freely (and uninterupted) about their motivations for doing so: no interventions by the authors (in line with their 'zero' beliefs) no comments, no condemnation, no approval.

Just words.

Now that would be my ideal Stories in Red, Yellow, Black and Blue, just Schuyff talking, uninterrupted and uninhibited, because he's an excellent storyteller and has a lot to say. I guess that settles the argument, eh?

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