Tell, don't show, edition 8: Nein. A Manifesto by Eric Jarosinski

Tell, don't show, edition 8: Nein. A Manifesto by Eric Jarosinski

Every other week I summarize a notable work of (non)fiction in ten quotes, with an emphasis on style and voice. No spoilers. This week Nein. A Manifesto by Eric Jarosinski (published by Grove Atlantic / Black Cat, 2015). You can find previous editions here:




Only two problems with the world today.

1. The World

2. Today

Three, if you count tomorrow.




It's not the depression.

It's the anxiety.

The thought of waking up some morning. Alone.

With nothing left to fear.




Read what's written.

Ask how.

Read what's not written.

Wonder why.




A wonder.

That we can communicate at all.

And if I've understood correctly:

A curse.




By those that seduced you.

Those that betrayed you.

Those that cut you.

And those that comforted you. And remained unsaid.



Atheism: A religion without a prayer.



Borges: Argentina's greatest German author.



Happiness: A feeling of well-being appreciated once it has stopped.



Performance art: Six Doppelgängers in Search of a Selfie.



Religion: A set of beliefs why yours are wrong.



Nein. A Manifesto will be published this fall in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Spain and Italy.

Check out Nein's twitteraccount.

More about the book.

More about foreign rights.

The website of Nein.

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